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IGN: AlwaysQuads
By AlwaysQuads » 9 months ago
Hohoho Everyone .
We are proud to present our 2018 Winter Event  ! 

Event will start Sunday 23rd of December at 6PM GMT.  We will start with a Duels tournament followed by a teams of 2 Dragon Rush competition. 

Are you ready to take the first title of Winter Champion? Please register for the events through these forms : 
Duels ( Click here
Dragon Rush ( Click here )

The format of the duels tournament will be made available right before the event starts ( depending on the amount of signups ).

After the PlayUHC events , ToastyNetworks Christmas event will begin, which will involve some fun vanilla competitions and trivia! More info -> Click here

The whole event will also be livestreamed with commentary on Twitch , if you are recording your own POV of the event, let us know so we can advertise you or add your video after the event.

As always, 
Have fun and enjoy the games!


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IGN: LivelyCookie
By LivelyCookie » 9 months ago
So excited! Just wondering, can you play without saying your teammate in advance? It’s just that the person I usually team with for events is currently banned...