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IGN: TimTom123
By TimTom123 » 3 months ago
  • What style do you build in?

    I don't really have a style but some people say that I'm really good at old fashion and modern.
  • How long have you been building in Minecraft?

    I have been building for almost 4 years and thinking of so much ideas of builds there could be. 
  • What's your Timezone/Country

    UK so GMT
  • What inspires you to build? 

    I get inspired when I watch grian on youtube and like able to create some thing you have done and worked on for months and if you have a cool idea and no one has done it be for.  And I all ways like to challeng myself.
  • What's your IGN?

  • Why do you want to be a builder?

    I what to be a build on playuhc because there is only 2 people as a builder and they would have a lot of work to do so maybe if I could help they would have less of work to do. And I what to like come and help build amazing thing with other builder so other people can see that thing and say that's why im on this server for uhc and cool builds like this. And that's why I what to be a builder on playuhc.net.
  • Evidence of builds:


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IGN: Infinitty
By Infinitty » 3 months ago
Make sure you include evidence of your builds!