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IGN: Timanator
By Timanator » 7 months ago

We are going to be having our Donator UHC this Saturday, July 22, at 6pm BST. I hope that all donators can make it. All VIPs/Youtubers/Twitch Streamers are also invited to join. Try to be a few minutes early and be prepared for what could be an hour game. The UHC will not be a gamemode that we currently have available on the server, and I am not going to say what it is until just before we start, so don't ask please. If you are currently not a donator and would still like to get involved in the donator UHC, type /donate in chat on the server and you could donate for as little as 5€ for one month. If we reach the donation goal this month, we will be hosting another one next month, so it is win/win. Can't wait to see you all there, and thank you for donating to the server and helping the server move forward with improvements and new gamemodes.


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By DehG » 7 months ago

I'll be there, it'll be 9:00 at night my time, but I wouldn't miss it! ;)