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IGN: Jitc
By Jitc » 4 months ago
Your In-game name: nFly 
Punishment type (ban, mute, etc): Ban
Punishment ID (shown on your punishment reason, ingame only):  16489
Where (Server, Discord): Server
What did you do: Prohibited Modification [R] 
Why should this action be reversed:
Because I was incorrectly banned. I guess the R stands for reach? I dind't even get screenshared or anything, just a straight ban out of nowhere meanwhile I'm a veteran player?
I only play KitPVP on PLAYUHC and have done so for many months now, I have a great KDA and alot of kills. I've been hackusated multiple times and have played with multiple staff members but this one just randomly banned me. I don't use reach and never got hacksuated for reach, so I hope the [R] doesn't stand for reach..
This ban was completely out of nowhere whilst I was just crafting gapples after a 1v1, but I dind't feel like making an forum account and make a appeal and get instantly denied so I left it where it was. But I missed playing on playuhc so I decided to play on an alt, that got banned because there are a few players I usually target in kitpvp because they are good in pvp and I don't want them to be on a good KDA, so I focus them down. And one player knew it was me so he prob reported me for ban envading wich is what I got banned for. So now after the second ban I decided I'll make a appeal, it prob will get denied but I hope not, because this ban wasn't justified at all. I did not get screenshared or anything and there could't be any proof I was using Reach, nobody hackusates me for reach. So I hope a reasonable staff reads this and discusses it with the person that banned me so they could solve this.
Ban envading is my mistake, but I don't deserve to be banned on my main. 


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IGN: KaiNoMood
By KaiNoMood » 4 months ago
Since when you determine what we are supposed to do? We do not screenshare, and we do not "kindly advise" people who are cheating before they get banned. We straight ban, yes. That is not something up to discussion.

You have been reported a ton. Staff took evidence of you cheating, and I also reviewed the evidence.

Ban appeal denied.