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IGN: certs
By certs » 4 months ago
Hey, my name is certs, I've been playing minecraft for over 4 years now. I took a brief year break from it but just recently found myself coming back to it. I used to be a big UHC and SG player so I'm glad to have found a good UHC server to play. I also used to be a big HCF player and staffed on a few of those so you might know me from them. Outside of minecraft I work two jobs, attend community college, and make music with friends. Hope to see you guys online, if you ever see me feel free to say what's up. Love meeting new people. 


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IGN: JoeGosh
By JoeGosh » 4 months ago
Hey, Welcome to PlayUHC!

I agree, its always good meeting new people! I hope I see you around on the server I'd love to say Hi!

Have a good day :)