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IGN: ItsMeLanaBanana
By ItsMeLanaBanana » 4 months ago

Your In-game name: Padee
Punishment type: Ban
Punishment ID: 17291
Where: Server
What did you do: I set a trap and my teammate fell for it (team killing)
Why should this action be reversed: I did not know pizza pal took offense to this and I am sorry and will make sure to let my teammates know that if they join the team for the stream that there is a chance that they will be trolled/killed 


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IGN: KaiNoMood
By KaiNoMood » 4 months ago
Please, do not team kill. Not only it ruins the game for the player that gets killed, but also it ruins the game for the entire team. You explicitly told pizzapal to "enter the hut", the hut being actually your trap, while he was not informed about it being a trap.

You can explicitly tell everyone in your team that trolls and team killing could happen by joining your team. If you make it clear and they agree with it (in chat), then at least they knew it would happen and they shouldn't report you for it, as they agreed with it.

As you say you are sorry about it and I feel like this was just a "friendly" troll, I'm gonna unban you.

Ban appeal accepted.