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IGN: michxeo
By michxeo » 4 months ago
Flavohr, Michxeo, Xx_Emma554_xX
IDs: 17263 (michxeo) 16875 (Flavohr) 15959 (Xx_Emma554_xX)
What did you do: I disrespected staff and ban evaded.
Why this action should be reversed: In all honesty, it shouldn't I blatantly disrespected staff, (I'm sorry Kai and Strawb) and I shouldn't have. I'm mainly writing this appeal to apologise for my misconduct and hope you can both forgive me in the near future, please don't take this to heart, I was just ****** off about my ban. I also apologise for ban evading on michxeo and playing a game of dragon rush on the account. Anyway, thanks for reading this appeal. :)

(I included all 3 appeals on this account because I only have 2 email addresses and Flavohr's forum account got suspended)


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IGN: KaiNoMood
By KaiNoMood » 4 months ago
These are the main reasons why you got permanently banned:
- You were banned for cheating twice on the server by our anti-cheat and our staff and both punishments were reduced. I appreciated you being honest about your use of x-ray on your first ban appeal so your ban was reduced from 60 days to 7 days. The second one for autoclick should have been 365 days but it was 60 days only instead.
- You were reported and caught excessively targeting players on numerous occasions.
- You were disrespectful to the players of PlayUHC, the staff team and myself.

Then, after your permanent ban, you went annoying several people, mostly youtubers, telling them how bad PlayUHC is (while it is just your own opinion because you were banned).

You even went ahead and bypassed with two accounts.

There is no reason for me to unban you. You have tried to harm the community in any way possible, and you ignored the rules several times.

Your last ban appeal was rejected a month ago, and now you made a new one.

It's too soon to even think of the possibility of you being allowed again on PlayUHC. Unbanning you would be disrespectful to PlayUHC and all the people harmed by your toxicity.
PS: also I've heard about the fact you were saying around that I have a big ego after your permanent ban, in one of the messages you posted around. I don't even care that you said that. That is nothing compared on all the harm you have tried to do to PlayUHC, players, and staff. I know it is easier for you to say that you were banned for that instead of telling the truth (see above, "main reasons why you got permanently banned").