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IGN: Timanator
By Timanator » 6 months ago

We have been working on a new donator system on the server and it is now finished.  The different donation ranks are listed below.

"Supporter" Rank Perks (1 - 5 months) Dark Aqua:
- Able to fly in lobby
- Access to cosmetics (all except Morphs)
- Able to join full games up to 2 above the full amount
- Able to spectate games after dying in a game
- Hear a ping sound when someone uses your name in chat/m
- Once 3 months or 15€ is donated, the rank becomes permanent.

"Patron" Rank perks (6 month / 30€) Blue:
- If the 6 month package is bought, then the patron saves 5€.
- All of the above donator perks plus what is listed below
- Access to the morphs in cosmetics
- Able to join full games without limit, even if the overfilled limit has been reached for lower ranks
- Are able to spectate games without needing to play the game
- Can view stats of all players

For those of you that have already donated, your donations will count towards the new donation system. 

To see how many months you have donated, while on the server use the command /months.

We hope that you enjoy the new perks and there will be another update coming in the future to explain what the coins are for.