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By Timanator » 9 months ago

Welcome to the Weekly PlayUHC Update. This post will come out every Sunday for all to read and to see what the staff is working on in the PlayUHC world.

If you have any suggestions on what we should talk about in the weekly update, please leave your suggestions in the forum.

Current Staff:
Admins: Timanator, Mezy, Jlot
Head Moderator: Sarinah
Moderators: RalRem, DOPID, odoD, Bolt_The_Man, StrongManKyle, Sol8D, Rholu

Latest News: 

New Donator System with Supporter and Patron Ranks has been released.
We have a new anticheat system developed by Mezy and it has banned over 100 players so far. 
We reached a new Milestone of 25,000 individual players on the server. Thank you for being a part of the growing community.
We also have reached over 250% of the donation goal for August. Thank you to all the donators and stay tuned for the next Donator UHC for just the donators, VIP, YT, Twitch and staff.
We are looking for moderators in North America, if you are interested please apply here: https://goo.gl/forms/qdXJ4TCFgA0GLqbM2 

Coming Soon:

A new Teaming System in team games to help to create teams when multiple requests are in the hotbar. Also team names will be added.
2 new gamemodes that are in the testing phase.
More Reddit UHCs.

Bugs fixed:

Using mounts in the parkour to get a better time. (All times under 8 seconds have been removed.)
When joining on the top right it sometimes would say "Press ''e' to open your inventory. and it wouldn't go away when opening your inventory."
Added the trash bin from flower power to the FFA arena to clear flint and steels.
Glitch where in GodUHC when going in death match you would get a new diamond pickaxe in your hotbar has been fixed.