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IGN: KaiNoMood
By KaiNoMood » over 3 years ago
NEW rank: Titan!
That's right, we are releasing a new rank on PlayUHC! This will be a temporary rank that you are able to purchase for 4 different durations: 1 week, 4 weeks, 26 weeks and 52 weeks. More information can be found on the new store.

To purchase this rank, you will need to already have Keeper on our servers. Titan ranked players will have access to the following perks:
  • NEW Custom Games: Titan ranked players have exclusive access to this perk!
  • Beta access to new content: This means that those with the Titan rank will have exclusive access to projects such as new game modes and perks before they are released to the rest of the community!
  • Party chat: Parties created by Titan ranked players enable all players in the party to send party chat messages with the /pc [message] command! The party leader can disable party chat with the /pcoff command

NEW feature: Custom Games!
This allows you to create your own custom games based on the existing game modes! To customise your own games, click the sign in the game mode you wish to play and have the choice of customising:
  • Team size
  • Multiple Border Settings
  • Map selection (For Survival Games UHC and Duels)
  • Episode Markers
  • and more!

After creating the custom game, you have access to several commands that will help you further customise and manage the game!
As this feature is still in beta, we are open to suggestions on what you would like to see customisable!

The Custom Games system was made with Reddit UHCs in mind: creating matches can not be any easier! Approved Reddit UHC hosts (currently, PlayUHC’s staff members only) can now autonomously host Reddit UHCs! Be sure to join our Discord server - matches will be posted in the #reddit-uhc-matches channel soon!

NEW in-game Store!
All store purchases will now made through the in-game compass! This has been a big project for PlayUHC and has been made from scratch especially for the network. The store can be accessed by clicking the nether star on the server compass. The new store includes:
  • Gifting: You can now easily gift ranks to players through the menu! Click on the player skull on the main menu and type the player’s IGN onto the sign, and any purchases made will be given to the player specified. If you close the menu, this will revert back to your IGN. The store will prevent you from purchasing a rank a player already owns.
  • Rank upgrades: The new store will automatically calculate the price of ranks based on the players current rank! Rank upgrades will now cost the same as purchasing the highest rank directly (previously with the tokens system, you paid more to upgrade than paying for the rank directly). The tokens system has now been removed.

With the release of custom games for Titan rank, private games will no longer be sold as a perk for the Keeper rank and because of this, we have reduced the overall price of Keeper. Those that already have keeper will still be able to access private games, and this change will currently only affect future purchases.  

NEW Game Mode: Wither Rush
“The overworld is being invaded by the Nether: Wither Skeletons wander around the overworld and Zombie Pigmen are building underground Nether bases to prepare for the invasion.

There is only one way to stop them: summon and kill a Wither boss!

The weaponsmith at the local village has invented a powerful weapon against Wither Skeletons: the Withercapitator. Use it to quickly get Wither skulls! Get soul sand from the Nether bases, and save the overworld!”

Wither Rush is a UHC game mode with a difficult PvE component. High level enchantments, potions, and expertise in dealing with the Wither effect are required to be successful!

A lot of scenarios are included in this game mode, like Hastey Boys, Triple Ores, Ore Vein Miner and Stone Crusher.

All players have 10 extra hearts. Still, if you are not cautious, you will die!

Wither Rush is currently in beta, and Titan ranked players can create matches that anyone can join!

Monthly Updates
From now on, all the changes will be posted in the #changelog channel on our Discord server: be sure to join it to stay informed of all the latest changes!


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IGN: MasterDa
By MasterDa » over 3 years ago


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IGN: BrightLilyYT
By BrightLilyYT » over 3 years ago
Just wondering, is there any way to change the currency shown?

Creativity is cool!!!


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IGN: KaiNoMood
By KaiNoMood » over 3 years ago
No, sorry! You cannot change the currency! I suggest googling like "how much is 5 euros in pounds" or something like that :)


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By xDE4TH_ » over 3 years ago
Amazing update!