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IGN: TheBlueGecko
By TheBlueGecko » 9 months ago
     A grading system for each gamemode/sector of modes would be cool (a sector being either rvb/meetup, duels, uhc gamemodes, ffa, etc.) What a grading system would do is count up all of your wins from a mode and give you a grade. To make it not sweaty, losses wont effect a grade.
     How it could work (in duels for example):
Level 1: 100 wins Level 2: 250 wins Level 3: 500 wins Level 4 1000 wins
     How it would look:
[III]TheBlueGecko: z
     It could be graded by silver-gold-diamond... knight-elder-legend... or something else


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IGN: KaiNoMood
By KaiNoMood » 8 months ago
I was already thinking about something like that, but instead of using "wins", my plan was to use the PvP points and a different system to calculate the "level". 


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IGN: xlaisu
By xlaisu » 8 months ago
This actually seems a great idea, will give more motivation to be more competitive in uhc

Good luck, have fun, don't die :)