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IGN: xlaisu
By xlaisu » 8 months ago
Hey, this just came to my mind recently and thought I’d share with you I guess lol

ive noticed that some people who’ve been banned have claimed it as a false ban.
To back up your evidence why it’s a false ban and to ensure the highest chance of getting unbanned is to use Nvidia Instant Replay. (Or any replay application if you don’t have a nvidia card idk any)

I recommend this to always be on if you have a nvidia card . (Doesn’t decrease fps, in most experiences) 
Using the replay feature nvidia has can effectively help in your appeal. They can help with claims of “Bhop, aura, (sometimes X-ray), speed or most cheats (and teaming claims)

keep it at 5-10 minute replay and save it as fast as you can when you get “banned” to show to the admins/moderator that you were “falsely banned”

the replay feature can also help in catching hackers/rule breakers too.

keep in mind you need to download GeForce experience to get the nvidia GUI in games.


Good luck, have fun, don't die :)



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IGN: BrightLily2007
By BrightLily2007 » 8 months ago
It could work, but usually the staff team dont take evidence, since people can just turn off their hacks and record.

Creativity is cool!!!