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IGN: xlaisu
By xlaisu » 8 months ago
A bit late to the introduction game but I guess here it is

Hi, my name is Calvin, but online I go off of Lunar, LunarWraith, Niqht or NiqhtShqde. I’ve been playing minecraft since 2014 and Minecraft PvP was literally the only reason I got minecraft lol (suck at building) Finding UHC was a blessing as it was a unique take on minecraft and was always so fun, which is why I love PlayUHC but I do love to play any other passive minecraft game modes when I’m with friends as it makes up for my terrible skills. 

Some Outside Info: Ever since Pre-school I had a fascination about computers, I’ve been trying my best to self teach my self about computer hardware since my school doesn’t offer computer hardware classes, and I would rate myself decently educated and would like a future career in computers such as working for Intel, Nvidia, AMD etc. . I am an introvert so I like to stay inside and be on the computer a lot lol. Although I am an introvert I thrive off of positive attention (too much will get me anxious) 
I love making online friends since online friends, regardless of age seem to be better than some of my irl friends lol.
I don’t like getting into any fights or arguments as I don’t want to be the bad guy in anyone’s eye.

Anyways, Thanks for reading this if you got to the end, hopefully I’ll meet you on the server :)

- Lunar :D

Good luck, have fun, don't die :)



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IGN: WishyNathan
By WishyNathan » 6 months ago
Welcome to PlayUHC!