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IGN: PrivateLimitless
By PrivateLimitless » over 2 years ago
Thank you for reading the title and deciding to read the description.

This suggestion is mainly for games that would need Team Inventory, so not Gone Fishing or Creative Rush. The only Teams game, that I know of(I'm probably wrong), that has the Scenario built into it is Speed UHC. I do not know why this is. I think there should be Team Inventory in most teams games, i.e. Vanilla, CutClean, Flower Power, Scenario Madness, Meetup(I guess), Randomizer, Dragon Rush, Wither Rush, etc. This would be helpful to teams who don't want to always be next to each other for the entire game or spend the time meeting up with each other when they could be gathering resources. 
For Scenario Madness: People are not likely to vote this Scenario as it isn't really considered a very useful Scenario, especially compared to the Overpowered ones, like Hastey Boys, Stone Crusher and Ore Vein Miner(Probably the most Overpowered Combo if with Timber as a Bonus Scenario). So, for Scenario Madness, I think Team Inventory should be an automatically enabled Scenario. 

- Private

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IGN: Echomen66
By Echomen66 » over 2 years ago
Agreed +1