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IGN: ixHazexi
By ixHazexi » over 2 years ago
I'm just posting this suggestion due to the fact I have been playing a lot of random team games lately.

From what I have noticed there are a few non-UHC-ers's out there that only play because they seen a streamer or youtuber they like play on here.
Although they have the grasp of mining and fighting mobs they still lack the ability to read co-ordinates to the point they struggle to meet up with their team-mate if they're either enchanting or about to fight another team.

A solution to this would be either spawning into a team game with a compass which points in the direction of where your team-mate is. If you can read the co-ords fine, you can simply toss out the compass and it will not clog up your inventory.


On the featherboard on the right-hand side of the screen, it shows your team-mates name and a moving arrow, that again points in the direction you should run or mine to find your team. 

As someone that plays UHC on the regular, this change isn't necessary for me however I do feel it would highly benefit newer players, especially those who only play when playing with their favourite streamer/youtuber


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IGN: Zak_17
By Zak_17 » over 2 years ago
Really good idea with the arrow pointing in the direction of your teammate. Would be very useful if you cannot communicate with your teammate!


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IGN: KaiNoMood
By KaiNoMood » over 2 years ago
People can make their own compass (very easy, 4 iron and 1 redstone), and then use the /tl command to share their coordinates. Others can click "[set compass]" to set their own compass to that location.