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IGN: iMaritah
By iMaritah » about 1 year ago
Your In-game name: dejenmellorar
Punishment type (ban, mute, etc): bad/mute
Punishment ID (shown on your punishment reason, ingame only): 7636(mute) ban idk
Where (Server, Discord): server
What did you do: follow a player ._.
Why should this action be reversed: i was playing a game scenariosmadness. and a scenario where all the gold and diamond that u mine go to a enderchest in 00 go the items. So i go to 00 to take my things. and stay here bc if all the players want to be full dia and with healing they should go too, so i stay here. and a player go , he take his items and start to run. but how was just 1m to pvp start i follow him to kill him. i kill him and i got banned. i got warned for follow him ik. but for me that was bad. was just 1m to pvp, like i was to be stupid to no follow him(i was full dia and him fulliron). and anyways is no a rule about just stalk, like follow a player for just 30sxd. is one about exessive stalking (like break his thing,burn him, try to hurt him or sometingh like that:s like in all the rest of server idk, maybe im wrong :S) okay so i kill him and i got banned (it was just for 10m so is okay idk :s). so i join the server and i say the mod that ban me that it was incorrect. bc i dont break anyrule ._. he mute me and he say me follow a player beforepvp start is motive ban. the mute is good bc i was arguing punishman xd. but like how i dont gonna do he ban me for follow him 30s ????xdddddddddddddddd i would no have arggued if he no ban me for something that i shhould be banned xd idk for me he was just a little angry bc i kill him xd. idk if he was confused bc we were in surface and no in a cave, but if we was in a  cave was totally normal to follow him for 30SEGUNDOS if he was fulliron and i was fulldia jajaxd
i speak spanish thats why my english is so bad xd idc


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IGN: KaiNoMood
By KaiNoMood » about 1 year ago
You haven't read our rules:

Please do so before playing again.

Mute appeal denied.