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IGN: Squegi
By Squegi » 12 months ago
IGN: Squegi 
Punishment: Prohibited Modification Ban
Punishment ID: 31165
Where: On the PlayUHC Server
What did you do: I was playing a UHC fighting FlyGuyAJ_ a creator rank on your server and was mid fight with him and was banned for Prohibited Modification. 
Why should this action be reversed: I was playing fair and was on Lunar Client. I have a clip which proves that I was using Lunar Client. (I was confused why I was banned, but assume it is because I click fast.) Here is the clip showing that I was using Lunar Client. Look next to my IGN to see the Lunar Client Symbol. 

Thank you!



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IGN: KaiNoMood
By KaiNoMood » 12 months ago
Ban appeal accepted