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IGN: PoofessorP
By PoofessorP » 10 months ago
Hey everyone, I've actually been here for quite some time now but just working around to making a "Hey!" post, I first joined PlayUHC in November 2017. If you all remember Eximius UHC, I had only got to play the last week the server was up, but I thought it was the most fun thing. So fast forward a year later when I saw my friends in the group chat posting about this server saying "omg this server is just like eximius uhc!" So of course I instantly hopped on, and I was hooked. I actually found out later the owners (old ones) made PlayUHC with the intention of rekindling EximiusUHC which I thought was cool. so fast forward to today, I'm playing tons everyday, I'm sitting at top 2 monthly kills/wins, top 3 parkour time, 4.2 kd, a lot of players call me a sweat, but  honestly I really just play to have fun. I love meeting new friends and people on this server as the community is great for the most part. I'm also in the works of making a montage of all my UHC kills thus far this month, so if I've killed you in the past few weeks, you will probably be clipped for the montage :P Anyways hope to see you all on the server and have fun!