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IGN: Caslol123
By Caslol123 » over 2 years ago
Hi all,

The Walls is a minigame, and goes as follows:
- 4 quadrants, divided using walls. Usually these quadrants are a chunk or a 2x2 chunk area.
- Each quadrant is unique and has different resources to gather from it.
- "The Walls" dividing the quadrants fall down after a certain time period, for example after 10 minutes.
- The teams have to kill eachother (it can be either FFA or teams)

The way I imagine it on PlayUHC is almost the same as described above, but instead of the natural regeneration, make leaves drop golden apples instead of apples. Also it would be fun to experiment with the different sections and what these could contain. There could be "quadrant-specific" dungeons or structures with chests containing unique loot.

The time and the area of the quadrants doesn't matter too much to me, that could vary.

I hope you all like it!


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IGN: BrightLilyYT
By BrightLilyYT » over 2 years ago
I enjoy this game on other servers and I think it could work here!

Creativity is cool!!!


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IGN: OrangeDZN
By OrangeDZN » over 2 years ago
I think it's great to integrate fun games from other servers and uhc-ify them. It definitely adds some complexity.


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