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IGN: EdenWhat
By EdenWhat » over 2 years ago
Okay, here me out. This might sound a little crazy but we have a mode where we fish for our items so why not farm for them, right? In this game mode, you are placed randomly in a survival world and your task is to gather and farm plants, and when you harvest them, you get a random item. Now there is also a tier system: wheat would be basic items, carrots, potatoes, and beatroot would be just above that in rarity, Then come pumpkins and melons with even better stuff like maybe iron tools and armor, gold apples and possibly diamonds, and then the best one, netherwart. Then after a certain amount of time pvp would be enabled, deathmatch would start and the border would shrink. (I think you should pick a fight with the skeletons for some bonemeal)