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IGN: PoofessorP
By PoofessorP » over 2 years ago
Ok so I know this suggestion may seem a little wack, because the gamemode is "Speed"UHC but this would only be disabled at meetup, not the whole game. So now I'll explain why I think this should be implemented:

-  Fights become very very ping based with speed 2. Someone with 20 ms can gets hits so so much more easily than someone with 200 ms in a speed 2 v speed 2 fight. This is especially evident in duel game modes such as Pot PvP namely. I know minecraft pvp is already ping based a little, but with speed 2 it just raises that bar by so much.

With how easy it is to accumulate massive damage outputs in speeduhc, speed 2 just makes it impossible for under geared players to escape. So in pretty much every game that I get enchants in, I can always get sharp 4 iron. Many others can too. So imagine how much damage you're doing to someone that didn't manage to find enough for enchants, and on top of that you have speed 2 to chase them, it's insane. I've tried everything for the times when I am under geared. Border tricking, Lava spamming, Block spamming, the only time you can successfully get away is when the biome terrain is perfect for that. And not very often it is, so most of the time if I didn't mine much, my game is over in 1 fight exchange. And that's not very fun imo. Speed 2 also gives a massive advantage to xrayers, which brings me to the next point:

- Xrayers have a bigger advantage in speed uhc because speed uhc can be very gear dependent often times. So in speed, it's especially difficult to deal with xrayers (The ones the mods hadn't caught yet) The reason being is speed 2 is so helpful to them, the gear they have is very tanky and you can't damage them much, and along with that they have a good sword of course. The best thing you can do against a situation like this is dip in and out of a fight a bunch hoping to get the right hits on him, and stay back and /report them. But they will always be right on your trail with speed 2, and it's kinda impossible to hit someone with Reach/Kill aura speed 2.

- Double gold is a thing in SpeedUHC, but it's near impossible to eat all that extra healing with speed 2. Since you slow down so much while eating, meanwhile someone is running at you full force with Speed 2, it's pretty much pointless to eat healing if you're in a situation like that, I don't think I've ever ate more than 2 gapples while fighting someone in this gamemode, when I usually have 7-10 gapples at meetup.

So, those are all my pitches to why speed 2 should be disabled, I really think it could make the game mode better with a simple change, if you think otherwise please let me know the reason being! EximiusUHC, technically the predecessor to PlayUHC had a gamemode called SonicUHC which is very similar to speed uhc, they had speed 2 pre meetup and disabled at meetup, and the gamemode flowed a lot more nicely. Having played a version of speed uhc without speed 2 I think I can say confidently it would make a pretty nice addition to the gamemode. I've talked to a fair bit of players on the server about it and the consensus usually is that it would be a nice addition, or that alternatively Speed 1 should be at meetup. I really hope this will at least be considered, and would love to hear what everyone else thinks :)


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IGN: PrivateLimitless
By PrivateLimitless » over 2 years ago
I agree that Speed 2 during Meetup is a significant advantage for players who have a decent, 150 ms or less, ping. As a person who always has ping spiking issues, which makes my being constantly change from the 200s into sometimes the 800s at random times, it's frustrating trying to fight people when I can just get 7 blocked and have no chance at even getting hit them. Lava has basically become my only chance at winning a fight in Speed UHC, assuming the person I'm fighting knows how to left click... And in Speed UHC, the chances of you getting cleaned in a fight are significantly higher than any other game, unless that game has infinite pearls(*cough* Randomizer, please find a way to nerf pearls/give cooldown, k thx). You pretty much have no chance to heal unless everyone else in the game is fighting or halfway across the map from you, and even then Speed 2 makes it possible to get there nearly in time.

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IGN: Joodee
By Joodee » over 2 years ago
I agree with this. The fights are often just 3 or 4 hits and it's over, it's hard to get time to gapple!!