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IGN: RoseGold2011
By RoseGold2011 » 27 days ago
IGN- RoseGold2011
punisment- Ban
Id- Prohibited Modification- Alt
where- Server
what did i do- I didnt know i couldnt be on an alt and i hopped on my alt and started to play then i was banned for 60 days
why should this action be revered- I didnt know i couldnt be on an alt and i am very sry i will not do this again. i will now read all the rules to make sure i follow them next time.


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IGN: KaiNoMood
By KaiNoMood » 25 days ago
You were banned 3 months ago for the same reason... using illegal accounts used for cheating.

You should read the rules before playing.

I will reduce your ban to 7 days, please do not try to join with such alt accounts or you'll receive a harsher punishment and you won't be unbanned.