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IGN: Felawp
By Felawp » 18 days ago
IGN: Felawp  Brothers Account: CuteGrandpa
Punishment: Ban
Punishment ID: 28118
Where: Server
What did you do: I believe I was X-Raying
Why should this action be reversed: Its been a long time and I got a new laptop so I no longer have X-Ray installed, if this is not enough then do not unban Felawp but please unban CuteGrandpa that is my brothers account and since we use the same WiFi staff mistakened it for an alt but its not an alt we just have the same IP, and its unfair that he got banned just because we both play from the same IP.


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IGN: KaiNoMood
By KaiNoMood » 18 days ago
Please do not make more appeals about this ban.

Ban appeal denied