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IGN: KiraPooKira
By KiraPooKira » over 2 years ago
Name: DoeDoeTheGamer
Punishment Type: Ban
ID: 33615
Where: Server
What did I do: I was clicking at 14-15cps I think I got banned by a server bot.
Why should this be reversed: I was clicking that legit, I had PoofessorP against the border and decided to click as fast as I possibly could, instead of a regular jitterclick I lifted my hand in the air shown in the video below and tapped as fast as I could. You can see my CPS in the bottom right corner in the video of me trying to kill PoofessorP.

Me clicking as fast as possible in flat lands:

Clip of me clicking on poof, you can hear me clicking in the background.



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IGN: KaiNoMood
By KaiNoMood » over 2 years ago
Jitter clicking is also against the rules.

Although this is your second ban, I've decided to reduce your ban to 7 days. Please do not break the rules again or your'll get a harsher punishment.

Your ban has been reduced to 7 days.