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By KaiNoMood » over 3 years ago
We are open to suggestions! All suggestions are being read and if the administration thinks it is a good idea, it will be taken in consideration and discussed within the staff team.

Most suggestions take more time than you expect to be discussed and actually made, especially those that require code creation and/or modification. Any change also needs time to be properly tested before it being available to public.

PlayUHC is run by a small team and there is only one developer, and that is myself. As the owner, I do also have other stuff to handle beside coding. I am also owner of another Minecraft network (ToastyNetworks) and that is taking a lot of my daily time too. Also, I have real life jobs, a personal life, and sometimes I want to have some free time if you don't mind. I hope this makes it clear that most suggestion will not get processed quickly and that complaining about it will only make things worse.

To help us processing suggestions in the quickest way possible, please respect these rules:
  • Do not post a suggestion that has been already suggested. Instead, comment on the thread to support the same suggestion.
  • Do not pester staff about your suggestion. Do not message staff about suggestions. Your suggestion will be read and considered only if posted on this forum. We will not message you when your suggestion has been read.
  • You will get an answer whenever we have a final decision on whether we will actually implement your suggestion or not. We will not message you when your suggestion has been read.
  • Do not argue with staff because we did not accept your suggestion. The administration will always have the final say on whether a suggestion will/can be implemented.
  • Do not argue with staff because we are prioritising one suggestion instead of another. It is totally up to us what to do first.
  • Always be nice and respectful. You're free to say your opinion about things you like or not, but you have to always be respectful of everyone's work. Don't put other people down. Also, your opinion may not be shared by others, so do not say that "everyone wants it". Let them say their opinion about your suggestion too. The more people are in favor of your suggestion by answering to your post, the more likely is that we will consider it.
Lastly, I want to thank everyone that is putting effort in posting suggestions to make this network a better and funnier place for everyone!