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IGN: PrincessStrawb
By PrincessStrawb » over 3 years ago
Hey guys!

First I want to apologise for posting this so late, but here are the changes that we made in March!

Current Staff

Owner: KaiNoMood
Admins: AlwaysQuads, Merjilin, PrincessStrawb
Senior Moderators: BraedenGames, ilyBillieEilish
Moderators: Infinitty, itsxxtaylor, JoeGosh, Joodee, McKuaii, PlasticTiara, Rainbow_Harley, SamBuz, xBagell, xRaltz
Builders: Coastergirl99, Frenchy13, Ignaco, Kylw, Shookira


Maintenance and Changes


  • Added disposable servers, these can be added/removed as needed.
  • Tweaked and improved anti-cheat performance.
  • Created and added AntiChatBot - This will get rid of bots.
  • Fixed an issue that caused a player not being handled properly and being invisible to other players when reconnecting after a connection issue.
  • Added a gamemode handling plugin which allows staff to change game modes quicker.
  • Replaced rejoin system with a new one.


  • Fixed an issue that invited players to rejoin after relogging from FFA or Duels.
  • Added sounds on the scenario vote interface when clicking on scenarios in Scenario Madness.
  • Added player online count and ip to discord at the top of Discord.
  • Reworked /stats command.
  • Teams color are now properly displayed on GodUHC To2 and To4.
  • April Fools prank: fake diamonds from stone and dirt.
  • Added offensive words and acronyms to the chat filter.
  • Fixed an issue that did not show some character in messages correctly.


  • NEW SCENARIOS! Netherless, Potionless and OreExcavator (Mining ores with a pickaxe while sneaking (hold shift) will quickly break all the adjacent ores of the same type).
  • Added OreExcavator scenario to SpeedUHC.
  • Dragon Rush: Reduced time before PvP from 20m to 15m.
  • The correct pickaxe is now needed to get ores (You will need a stone pickaxe to mine iron, iron pickaxe to mine diamond etc.).
  • To prevent people from violating the mining rules during meetup, players are now restricted at meetup from breaking grass, stone, dirt, gravel and sand below your current position unless the block was placed by players during meetup.
  • Players cannot use a nether portal that takes them outside the border anymore.
  • Commands /tl and /tlh now behave differently:
  1. They will not show coords anymore.
  2. They will have two buttons, "show coords" and "set compass".
  3. Hovering on "show coords" will show a tooltip with the coords.
  4. Clicking on "show coords" will show a message in chat with the coords.
  5. Clicking "set compass" will make any compass on the player inventory point at the coords. Players would need to have a compass in their inventory to use this feature.
  6. Added a 10 seconds cooldown to /tl.