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IGN: KaiNoMood
By KaiNoMood » over 3 years ago
Hey everyone! Read below to learn more about the latest changes.
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Current Staff
  • Owner: KaiNoMood
  • Admins: AlwaysQuads, Merjilin, PrincessStrawb
  • Senior Moderators: BraedenGames, UghReally
  • Moderators: Aglz, Bagelllll, Infinitty, itsxxtaylor, JoeGosh, Joodee, OopsRaltzIsGay, PlasticTiara, Rainbow_Harley, SamBuz, Tanthegreat
  • Trial Moderators: DerpIsTooDerpy, Jeeperkid, Jes3eGrande, LuckyBritGamer, Solior, TheInzaneOne
  • Builders: Coastergirl99, Frenchy13, Jorzan, Kylw, richdiva

  • New Game Modes: Survival Games, VanillaUHC and CutCleanUHC.
  • New game lobbies for Dragon Rush and Flower Power.
  • Created a new Party Duels system.
  • Players cannot create a team with the same name as another team.
  • Reduced Flower Power time before meetup to 20 minutes.
  • Reduced minimum amount of players needed to start a game. It now follows this formula: 3 x Team Size
  • Players are now prevented to leave Duels arenas by escaping through the top barrier.
  • Cut Clean UHC, Dragon Rush, Flower Power,  God UHC, Meetup, Scenario Madness, Speed UHC and Vanilla UHC are now available in all the team sizes from 2 to 8.
  • Placing lava within 8 blocks of other players while the PvP is not enabled is now disallowed
  • On all UHC game modes that end with a Meetup:
  • All blocks placed on the Meetup area over y > 50 are being removed
  • All blocks broken on the Meetup area over y > 50 are being filled with grass blocks (few blocks like logs, leaves, tall grass, are excluded)
  • Survival Games: Breaking blocks placed by players will not give you the block back.
  • Survival Games: Some area is now restricted from blocks placement.
  • Additional blocks broken with OreExcavator are now properly added to the Game Stats.
  • Added more player stats: Exp gained, Diamond gear crafted, Gold ore mined, Potions brewed, Animals taimed, Blocks traveled.
  • Upon death, players will spectate from their death location instead of being teleported to 0, 0
  • Dragon Rush: Added "Dragon's Health" and "End Crystals left" to the scoreboard
  • Keeper ranked players can now reset their stats using the /stats command. After selecting a game mode from the /stats menu, go to the last page to find the “reset stats” button. You can reset stats for the selected game mode only.
  • Added 1.14.2 support
  • The /tc and /tch commands will now behave as the old /tl and /tlh commands:
  • /tc shows the coordinates to the whole team, without using the new compass system
  • /tch works the same as /tc, but it will not show the coordinates to yourself
  • The /tl and /tlh commands will still work with the new compass system
  • The game selector now shows the amount of players in-game on each gamemode
  • New code for UHC game mode timers
  • Fixed a bug with BestPVE caused by fall damage on meetup
  • Improved tickets/report system. Players can now close their own tickets by using /closeticket
  • Introduced the new game loading system. You can now start a new game even if the previous game of the same type hasn't ended yet. Internally, this new system takes care of preparing and setting up new servers on the network automatically, and then removing the server after the game has ended.
  • Improvements to our Anti Cheat system.