Improve your PvP skills and play like a pro!


Install our pack with the mods, resource pack and settings that will improve your matches.

Follow these 3 easy steps, or watch this video from Kwegg!

Step 1 - Install Java 8 64-bit

Please download and install Java 8 "Windows Offline (64-bit)" if you have Windows!

Java 8 downloads page

Step 2 - Download MultiMC

Click here to visit MultiMC's download page

If you are unsure, you want to download the Windows version! (unless you have a Mac)

Extract the archive, then open MultiMC!

 If you are using MultiMC for the first time, the quick setup will help you set your language and java executable.
If you are unsure, you can just click the "Next >" button!

Step 3 - Import PlayUHC's instance pack

On MultiMC, click "Add Instance", then click "Import from zip", then paste the following link:
Click OK to start the download!


On MultiMC, double click PlayUHC to start playing!

If you are using MultiMC for the first time, it will ask you to add your Minecraft account!
Answer to "Yes" to add an account now, then click on the "Add" button (top right side), then specify your email (or username if you have an old Minecraft account) and password!

If you need help, feel free to ask our staff on the #support channel on our Discord server!