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PlayUHC and PlayMCG Logo as seen on Twitter and Discord

Welcome to the PlayUHC and PlayMCG Wiki. Here you will find all information about our network and about UHC as a game mode.

UHC stands for "ultra hardcore" which ultimately means that you do not naturally gain your hearts back when you take damage unless you use a golden apple or a healing potion. The overall goal of a UHC game is to survive hardcore mode by defeating the other players that are in the game through PvP (Player vs Player).

MCG stands for "Minecraft games", where you can find the Survival multiplayer server, and several minigames.

PlayUHC and PlayMCG are strictly linked together, and you have shared statistics between them. You can also quickly move from one server to the other without having to switch server address.

What is PlayUHC?

PlayUHC is a UHC server which launched in the summer of 2016. Our goal is to bring the best possible experience to all our players and UHC games to the whole community!

Server Address: playuhc.net

UHC Game Modes

We have a variety of UHC Game Modes like Speed UHC, Flower Power, Dragon Rush, Scenario Madness, and more! Most of our game modes make use of scenarios.

For those that don't want to play lengthy game modes, we also have an FFA Arena! UHC features still apply to the FFA Arena and regeneration can only happen with golden apples or golden heads.

We also have a Creative Build Server where you can just build in creative in your own protected plot either alone or with your friends!

Reddit UHCs

We host Reddit UHC matches at uhc.gg. We also offer a Reddit Host rank that let them host Reddit matches on PlayUHC free of charge.

What is PlayMCG?

PlayMCG is a Minecraft survival and minigames server which launched on December 19th 2020.

Server Address: playmcg.net

MCG Game Modes

We have new and innovative Game Modes, like Payload, Treasure Hunters, and Beaconwatch, but also classic games like Block Dash and Block Memory!

Community Feedback

We also strongly support community feedback and you can voice your opinions in suggestions on the forums. If you come across any issues on our platforms, feel free to contact a staff member and they will help you out.

We have many communication platforms where you can socialise with our members and staff members, we use Discord, Twitter and Suggestions page.

The staff works extremely hard to give the community the best possible gameplay and protection while on PlayUHC and PlayMCG. We are a very friendly and open-minded community and we hope you enjoy it here!


You can support us on Ko-fi. By donating, you can receive the Donator Ranks!


PlayUHC and PlayMCG's datacenter is located in Falkenstein, Germany.