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This is the list of the scenarios you can find on PlayUHC! This list gets updated frequently as we add more scenarios!

If you want to suggest a scenario, please suggest it here!



You can check the scenarios enabled in the UHC game by using the /scen command. The same command can be used by Custom Games hosts to edit the list of scenarios by clicking the Edit button.

Scenarios List

1/2 Ores

For every 2 ores you mine, 1 drops. Every single ore is seperate from one and another.

3x Arrows

When you shoot with your bow, not one, but three arrows get shot out.

Achievement Paranoia

Achievements show up in chat and at the end of each achievement it shows the coordinates of the player who earned that achievement.

Actually Monsters Inc.

Opening a door will safely teleport you to another door in the game.

A Dog in the Family

Each player get a dog. If the dog dies, the player dies. Dogs will not sit. You cannot tame wolves.

Apple Famine

Apples do not drop.


You will be assigned a random target who you must kill. If you kill anyone but your target or your assassin, they will not drop their items. When your target is dead you will receive their current target.


Whenever you mine Gold you have a 10% chance of getting a heart of damage, getting 2 silverfish spawned on you, losing the gold, getting blindness for 10 seconds, or getting a cave spider spawned on you.


(1.18+ only) Axes cannot be used.

Bald Chicken

Chickens drop no feathers. Skeletons drop 3-5 arrows.


When a player kills a bat, there's a 95% chance of dropping a Golden Apple, and a 5% chance of killing the player.


The bottom bedrock layer is replaced by stone in the overworld and netherrack in the nether.


Upon getting a fathal damage, you enrage and go into "berserk mode":

  • You get full healed
  • You get Speed and Strength effects for 30 seconds
  • You get infinite Wither effect
  • Your health points are drained by 20% every 10 seconds
  • You can only hit players with melee damage
  • You cannot place blocks
  • You cannot open any chest or interface
  • You cannot eat or drink anything
  • You cannot pickup items
  • You cannot talk in chat or use commands

For every 10 minutes you are under Y=50, you gain a heart. Going above Y=50 will take you off the list. To get back on, you must mine a diamond.

Best PvE

Each player will be added to the "Best PvE List" at the start of the game. While being on the list, you will gain 1 extra heart every 10 minutes. Once a player takes damage, the player will be removed from the listIf you kill a player, you will be added back to the list.

Blast Mining

When a player mines any ore (including nether quartz), there is a 5% chance that a creeper will spawn (creepers are given slowness 2 for 2 seconds, to give the player some time to react) and there's a 3% chance an ignited TNT will spawn. This will never happen simultaneously, meaning you'll only ever have to deal with one thing at a time.

Bleeding Sweets

On death a player drops 1 diamond, 5 gold, 1 book, 2 string and 16 arrows.


Players start at 2.5 hearts. Players will be healed at meetup.

Block Rush

Breaking a block type for the first time in the game will reward you with 1 gold ingot.


You can't break the blocks that you place. Other players can break blocks that you place, and you can break blocks that other players place.

Blood Cycle

Every 10 minutes, an ore is randomly picked and announced in chat. Any player that mine the last announced ore will take half a heart of damage.

Blood Diamonds

When mining a diamond ore, the player will take half a heart of damage.

Blood Enchants

You get damaged every time you enchant an item. You get 0.5 hearts of damage per experience level cost.


You are not able to craft and use bows.


When a player consumes any type of food, they have a 1% chance of "choking", getting infinite Wither 2 effect.

Companion Bench

At game start, you will receive a crafting table. Players cannot craft crafting tables.

The PlayUHC's administration reminds you that the Companion Bench will never threaten to stab you and, in fact, cannot speak.

This scenario is based on the Portal's Companion Cube.

Easter Egg: Throwing your Companion Bench in lava or fire will broadcast a message in chat.

Craftable Teleportation

If you rename an ender pearl to a online player's name it will remove the ender pearl from your inventory and safely teleport you within a 50 blocks radius of that player.

Creative Rush

All players get access to creative mode for 20 seconds. Notch apples are banned!

Cut Clean

Auto-smelt and auto-cook. Apple rates are 5%, flint rates are 90%.

Deepslate Crusher

(1.18+ only) Mining deepslate with a pickaxe will break all the stone in a 3x3x3 cube in front of the mined block. It works on stone, granite, diorite and andesite too. You can toggle Deepslate Crusher by sneaking and right clicking a block while holding a pickaxe.


You cannot get or use diamond ores, diamonds, and diamond blocks!

Dirt Trick

Quickly removes all the dirt when using a shovel under y level 32.

Double Gold

Gold ore drops 2 times the expected amount.

Double or Nothing

You either get twice the amount of ores, or nothing.


When you throw an egg, a random mob will spawn where it lands. When you kill a chicken, there is a 20% chance of it dropping an egg.


Enchanting tables and anvils are disabled.

Enough Cobblestone

While you have a full stack of Cobblestone, Andesite, Diorite, Granite or Deepslate (deepslate on 1.18+ only) in your inventory, any Cobblestone, Andesite, Diorite, Granite and Deepslate that you pick up will be voided.

Everlasting Diamond

All diamond tools, armour and sword are unbreakable

Explosive Mobs

Mobs will drop a primed TNT when killed by a player.


Fire damage is disabled.

First Hit Love

The first person you hit after PvP is on becomes your teammate.


All players can fly while PvP is off!

Floor is Lava

Every 30 seconds, the lava rises by 1 block, filling empty blocks.

Flower Power

You get random items from breaking flowers.


If you take damage while under the effect of regeneration, the regeneration will cancel.

Golden Head

You can craft a special Golden Apple by using a player head instead of an apple for the Golden Apple recipe.

Go To Hell

30 minutes into the game, you must be in the Nether or you will take 1 HP of damage every 30 seconds.

Golden Head

You can craft a special Golden Apple by using a player head instead of an apple for the Golden Apple recipe.


You cannot get or use gold ore, ingot, block and nugget!

Hairy Sheep

Sheeps drop a string when killed or sheared.

Hastey Boys

Tools you craft will have Efficiency 3 and Unbreaking 1. You can craft by holding the shift key too. You can prevent having the enchantments by crafting the item with right click.


Horses will not spawn.


Everytime you kill a monster there's a 40% chance that the same monster spawns in the same place.

Infinite Enchanter

All players start with 64 Enchantment Tables, 64 Anvils, 128 Bookshelves, and 10,000 XP Levels.


You take your victim's inventory in place of yours upon killing them.


A random player on each team is a "king". Each king has a special Protection 10, Thorns 3, Unbreakable golden helmet (their crown), but if the king dies, the entire team dies!

Lapisless Enchanting

Lapis Lazuli are not required to enchant

Lucky Leaves

Trees have a 0.5% chance of dropping a Golden Apple.


One person on each team can be automatically chosen to be the Mole. The Moles team can communicate with each other, and their objective is to take out other players! The moles are picked when the PvP is enabled. Friendly-fire is ON! Teams of 3 or above is suggested!


  • /molehelp: instructions for moles
  • /moles: shows the list of moles
  • /molekit: to get a mole kit
  • /mm <message>: to send a message to other moles
Mystery Scenarios

Scenarios change every 10 minutes. Hosts can use the "/scenarios mysteryscenarios (time)" command to change the time between changes.


You cannot go to the nether.

No Clean

Killing a player gives you a 30 seconds protection against PvP. Attacking an opponent player removes the PvP protection.

No Fall

Fall damage is disabled.

No Weapon Cooldown

(1.18+ only) Disables the 1.9+ combat weapon cooldown

Ore Vein Miner

Mining ores with a pickaxe while holding the sneak key will quickly break all the adjacent ores of the same type.


You must practice social distancing. Being closer than 6 blocks to another player (team mates included) will have a chance of giving Wither effect for 10 seconds. This chance increases by 50% if you're close to or attack another player with Wither effect.

Passive Monsters

Monsters do not attack players.

Potential Hearts

All players start with 10 hearts, but can potentially heal up to 20 hearts.


You cannot craft and use potions.


Drops are randomized. All players get basic tools to start.

Risky Fall

Upon getting fall damage, you may get double the fall damage, or none.

Risky Retrieval

There is an Ender Chest at coordinates 0, 0. When players pick up Gold Ore, Gold Ingot, Diamond Ore or Diamond from the ground, it is sent directly to their ender chest.


You cannot craft and use rods.

Rotten Potions

Eating rotten flesh can give a player a random effect for 10 seconds. You can get positive or negative effects.

Shared Damage

Damage is shared across players in the team. Team games only.


(1.18+ only) Shields cannot be used


Taking fall damage will give you slowness. The amount of slowness time is proportional to the fall damage you get. Getting fall damage during slowness will increase your slowness level.

Stone Crusher

Mining stone with a pickaxe will break all the stone in a 3x3x3 cube in front of the mined block. It works on granite, diorite and andesite too. You can toggle Stone Crusher by sneaking and right clicking a block while holding a pickaxe.


Each player will gain a random special ability between speed 1, strength 1, resistance 2, invisibility, jump boost 4, and 6 extra hearts.


When you shoot someone with an arrow, you trade places with them.


swords cannot be used

Team Inventory

Each team has an extra inventory that all members from the team can view by using /bp.


If any item stack in your inventory is 13 for more than 13 seconds, you die.


Breaking a log of a tree will cause the whole tree to fall down.


After death, the player inventory will be stored into a chest. The chest will explode 30 seconds later.

Triple Ores

All ores drop 3 times the expected amount.

Weakest Link

Every 10 minutes the players with the least health will perish. If everyone is at the same health no one will die.


When a player dies, cobwebs spawns around the player.


Apple drop rates are increased by 40%.

Zombies 2.0

When a player dies, they become a zombie.