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February 2019 Update

Hey Everyone :) Here are the changes we made to the servers in February!

Current Staff

Owner: KaiNoMood
Admins: AlwaysQuads, Merjilin, PrincessStrawb
Senior Moderators: UghReally
Moderators: BraedenGames, iKawaii, Infinitty, itsxxtaylor, Jxdy, PlasticTiara, Rainbow_Harley, SamBuz, xBagell
Builders: Frenchy13, Coastergirl99


Maintenance and Changes


  • Rewritten server loading and chunk pre-generation. Now all servers load in about 20 seconds.
  • Transferred website and Minecraft servers to a new dedicated server.
  • Changed the way worlds are being handled in UHC-Core. Now it will efficiently remove the world directories during startup/server close.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented an uhc game server to stop after the /start command has been used and everyone has left the game before the countdown has been reached. The force game start now gets removed if all players leave the game during the countdown.
  • Fixed an issue that caused some players with bad connection to be kicked with a "You are sending too many packets!" message.
  • Tweaked AntiCheat detection.


  • New Medieval hub!
  • Added /challenge command. Shows current challenge and the player's points
  • Added /spawn command on the hub to quickly go back to the spawn point
  • Removed Chickens from the hub
  • Added /lowspec command in the hub. This helps those players who have FPS issues in the hub. Use it to toggle the lowspec mode. Elements of the hub like armor stands, paintings, item frames and animals will not be shown.
  • Staff that is vanished when a game starts will be automatically killed to avoid being afk vanished in a game.
  • Disabled giving coins when playing. Players weren't actually getting the coins, but a message was telling them so.
  • Disabled Minecraft 1.13 command autocomplete in order to avoid players being kicked for "spam" while typing a command while using Minecraft 1.13
  • Made changes to Scenarios, UHC-Core, and GameServerManager:
  1. Now supporting any amount of scenarios when the scenarios will be voted by players
  2. Added support for multiline placeholders in the scoreboard
  3. Now the scenarios list will always have the list of all the selected scenarios, and will not show "- ?" if less than 3 scenarios have been voted


  • Added GodUHC Teams of 2 and Teams of 4 servers.
  • Added Meetup Teams of 4
  • Now Dragon Rush has Hastey Boys scenario
  • Added experimental game mode "Meetup (combat update) - Solo" with the Minecraft 1.9 “combat update”. It requires Minecraft version 1.9.4 or greater.
  • Removed "Flower Power To8 - 2" and "Cake Power - To4"
  • Added a team bar to Red vs Blue. The bar displays the team you are on and shows the balance between the players in the two team. The more the bar is filled, the more players in your team are alive compared to the enemy team.
  • Reworked the way voted scenarios are counted and sorted in Scenarios Madness. Now it shows the total votes and the votes for each scenario.
  • Added the “Bonus Scenario” to Scenario Madness. A 4th scenario is added randomly.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the scoreboard to not show some of the lines properly in Scenario Madness.
  • Game selector now shows Flower Power To8 on the Flower Power tooltip.
  • The following limitations have been added to the spectator mode: In team games, if there is at least one of your teammates alive, you will not be able to teleport to other players, and you will have to be within 100 blocks radius from a team mate, otherwise you'll get teleported to a teammate automatically. This is not applied during meetup (deathmatch). If your team gets defeated, you will be able to spectate everyone once again.
  • Changes in Scenario Madness:
  1. In case nobody voted any scenario in Scenario Madness, 3 scenarios will be picked randomly.
  2. Added a "Bonus Scenario" that will be picked completely randomly. This means that Scenario Madness will have 4 scenarios instead of 3.
  • Simplified game mode signs. These changes reduce the load on the server and make the signs easier to configure for future updates:
  1. There is now only 1 sign per each game mode.
  2. When clicked it shows a team size selection menu and also shows the number of players queued regardless of team size.
  3. It will not show started game status

08 Mar 2019, 11:24 0 | 2

Hey Everyone!

It has been a very busy month! The ownership transfer was not an easy task. ToastyNetworks is a registered company, and you can only imagine how much difficult has been for me to handle all the "legal" stuff connected with opening a business. There was a lot of paperwork, there was a lot to learn on how to properly handle this. As you may not know, I'm Italian and, apparently, Italian businesses have more tasks to do than most other countries to run a business.

With the ownership change, we also had to replace our machines with completely new one. Although ToastyNetworks has already moved to the new machines, PlayUHC will be done next week, probably on Monday (more about this will be announced on Discord #announcements).

If you have suggested or you are planning to suggest an idea, please be sure to read this:

Now, let’s take a look at the changelog, followed by the new monthly challenge details for the month of February and what to expect in the next months!

Current Staff

Owner: KaiNoMood
Admins: AlwaysQuads, Merjilin, PrincessStrawb
Senior Moderators: Kwegg, SleepySARINAH, SxraGames
Moderators: BraedenGames, Ciaza, Infinitty, itsxxtaylor, Jxdy, McKuaii, Rainbow_Harley, ReallyBagel, PlasticTiara, SamBuz
Builders: Frenchy13, Coastergirl99

Maintenance and Changes

  • Added a PlayUHC modpack to the ToastyNetworks Launcher. If you want to try it you can find out more here:
  • Improved anti-cheat system
  • New monthly challenge “PvP Points”
  • Improved store design
  • Fixed an issue that prevented muted players from using /helpop, /report and /ticket commands.
  • Players who abuse the ticket system (/report, /helpop, or /ticket) will get banned.
  • Fixed several issues with the website/forum to make it compatible with PHP 7.
  • New server for custom UHC games to be used by our Youtuber ranked players to record UHC seasons
  • More (secret) internal changes

New Monthly Challenge!

This month we will be introducing a brand new monthly challenge! This is most “PvP Points”.

How does this work?

  • For every damage (half-heart) dealt towards a player, you will receive 1 PvP point
  • You will only be able to earn up to 20 PvP points per player, per game. This means that once you have dealt 20 damage (10 hearts) to a player, you will no longer gain from damaging them.
  • If you kill a player, you will receive 10 extra PvP points (which is not limited by the 20 point maximum)
  • You get PvP points only while playing on these game modes: SpeedUHC, GodUHC, Gone Fishing, Dragon Rush, Flower Power, Scenario Madness.


What to expect in the next months

  • New Hub: it will be up very soon!
  • Reddit UHCs: a new system that handles Reddit UHCs is currently work in progress and will probably be completed within 2 weeks!
  • New Scenarios: after the Reddit UHC new system has been completed, I will work in making few new scenarios taken from your suggestions!
  • New game mode: this will take way more time, but we are working on it!

01 Feb 2019, 17:27 0 | 8
Hey everyone,

Here are all the changes that happened during December 2018!

Current Staff

New Owner: KaiNoMood
Former Owner: Rubbertjuh
Admins: AlwaysQuads, Merjilin, PrincessStrawb
Senior Moderators: Kwegg, SleepySARINAH, UghReally
Moderators: BraedenGames, Ciaza, HiBagel, Infinitty, itsxxtaylor, Jxdy, McKuaii, Rainbow_Harley, SadPandii, SamBuz, xDiversity
Builders: Frenchy13, Coastergirl99


Maintenance and Changes

  • New plugin “RunOnPortalTeleport”: This plugin will make it so using the nether portals at the Hub will queue them for the correct queue.
  • Applied changes to UHC-Core:
  1. Countdown will stop counting down if there aren't at least 2 players online, preventing the game from starting with 1 or no players when the server start is being forced.
  2. When the game ends, it will now properly send players back to the hub and will keep trying sending players to the hub until the server is empty. This should prevent disconnections that happen when there are a lot of players on the server.
  • Applied several changes to UltraCosmetics to avoid it severely affecting hub performances with infinite console log spam.
  • Made several improvements to our anti-cheat system
  • Fixed GameStats by making a new GameStats plugin (/stats command not available yet!)
  • Fixed nicknames so they now work outside of hub & correctly teleport players to FFA/Duels
  • Created and added ServersManager. This plugin allows dynamically adding and removing servers from our proxy without the need of a proxy restart. This will let us add or remove servers on the fly, and in the future there will be a totally automated game instance manager that will add new game instances when needed.
  • All UHC game modes (duels included) now support +10 spectators after the game starts
  • Added BTickets and removed the old helpop/player report system. Players can not report themselves anymore
  • Updated ChatFilter: Fixed severe memory leak and performance issues
  • Added a default 5 seconds damage invulnerability during the player teleportation phase at game start and for 5 more seconds after everyone has been teleported to reduce the risk of dying just after being teleported.
  • Added duels-3, duels-4 and duels-5
  • Added Flower Power - Teams of 8
Happy new year everyone!!

05 Jan 2019, 19:47 1 | 11
Hohoho Everyone .
We are proud to present our 2018 Winter Event  ! 

Event will start Sunday 23rd of December at 6PM GMT.  We will start with a Duels tournament followed by a teams of 2 Dragon Rush competition. 

Are you ready to take the first title of Winter Champion? Please register for the events through these forms : 
Duels ( Click here
Dragon Rush ( Click here )

The format of the duels tournament will be made available right before the event starts ( depending on the amount of signups ).

After the PlayUHC events , ToastyNetworks Christmas event will begin, which will involve some fun vanilla competitions and trivia! More info -> Click here

The whole event will also be livestreamed with commentary on Twitch , if you are recording your own POV of the event, let us know so we can advertise you or add your video after the event.

As always, 
Have fun and enjoy the games!

19 Dec 2018, 14:35 1 | 8
Hey Everyone. It's time to cover the changes over the past month!
Current Staff
Owner: Rubbertjuh
Admins: AlwaysQuads, KaiNoMood, Merjilin, PrincessStrawb
Senior Moderators: Kwegg, Sxxra
Moderators: BraedenGames, chikinnuggitz, Ciaza, Infinitty, itsxxtaylor, Meaave, SamDuz, xDiversity, McKuaii, SadPandii
Builders: Frenchy13, Coastergirl99
Maintenance and Changes
  • Updated Cosmetics plugin 
  • Implemented automated backup system
  • Fixed an issue in our proxy that caused disconnections while joining a server.
  • Fixed an issue with LastSeen that caused lag spikes every time a new player joined the server. Database I/O is now done asynchronously.
  • Fixed an issue that caused players to receive a "You have joined on [server]" message, disconnecting them from the server.
  • Fixed several issues with the Nickname plugin.
  • Improved detection and performance for Anti-Cheat.
  • Replaced our punishments system with a new better one.
  • Fixed no-clean on meetup-solo
  • Added support for 1.13.2 clients
  • NEW! Added Red vs Blue - Mega with 50 players max, +25 blocks border radius.
  • Ban appeals are now to be submitted on the forum.
  • Added forum threads archive
  • New staff team board at the hub with "clickable heads" with custom messages.
  • Nicked players can now join games normally.
  •  Nicknames: The scoreboard on the right of you screen will show your rank as "Member (Nicked)", The color in chat and in the tab list will be exactly like a Member rank player. 
  • All bans and mutes now show globally
  • Created and added new plugin "IGNTokens". This plugin will make sure Moderator Applications and Youtube/Twitch applications are legit (/igntoken in hub).
  • Bugs and suggestions should now be reported here.
  • Changed the way players can report other players on the website. Click here for more info.
  • Added staff panel which allows mods to access chat logs.  This means that mods will be able to deal with chat-related offences that may have happened earlier easily.

Happy holidays everybody and have a great Christmas!

11 Dec 2018, 13:05 1 | 7