Log In

Join the Minecraft server at auth.playuhc.net to get your auth code! Minecraft 1.8 and higher are supported! No registration required!

How do I get an Auth Code?

Follow these steps:
  1. Open Minecraft 1.8 or higher
  2. Join the Minecraft server at this address: auth.playuhc.net
  3. You will receive a temporary Auth Code for your Minecraft account

Why is this site using this log in system?

This log in system makes the login process easy, registration-free, secure and fast. We are not asking for any password and you do not have to register to log in!

I lost my Minecraft account or it got stolen

Please visit Mojang's website to recover your Minecraft account. There isn't any way for us to let you join this website if you lost access to your Minecraft account.

For some reason I cannot join the auth server

Try using Minecraft 1.8.9 or above without mods. If it doesn't work, the server may be undergoing maintenance. Please try again later!