[Version 1.3 6th May 2020]

What do we collect and why?

We collect a variety of information about and from you. You consent for this information to be collected whenever you join our Discord, Minecraft server or Create an account on our forums via the Terms of Service for our Gateway System.
  • We collect information about your Minecraft UUID, Minecraft In-Game Name and IP address, in order to give you access to our Minecraft Server and website.
  • We collect your provided E-Mail, Date of Birth, Location and hashed password for you to be able to use the forums.
  • We collect your Discord Account information including ID and username in order to sync your discord account with your minecraft account.
  • We collect your PayPal address and your location when you make a purchase in our store.

On our Minecraft Servers, which are hosted in France:

  • We associate your Minecraft UUID with your Discord Account, that way the staff are 100% certain as to who you are and what your Minecraft In-Game name is.
  • We log your IP Address as well as the timestamps of each attempt to connect or disconnect. This helps us easier identifying hackers and keeping them of the server. This also helps tracking intrusion attempts and DDoS attempts. We keep this information indefinitely
  • We log everything you say in Minecraft Game Chat, this includes private messages. We may use this information to keep a track of player behaviour and can see this information in real time. We keep this information indefinitely
  • We may log every player interaction on our Minecraft servers, including blocks placed, broken as well as any other interaction made. This so we can use them to form leaderboards and show our top players. All your saved interactions are visible under our Stats menu (/stats on our Minecraft Hub servers).

What do we share with others?

Mojang Account: Our Minecraft Servers are online servers, meaning that each time you login, your Mojang account is authenticated by Mojang. Mojang is therefore made aware that you have logged into our servers and when.
Anti-VPN services: We do not allow connections with VPNs. We enforce this by using external services. When you login on the server, your IP address can be sent to one or more services. The services we use are,, and
Anti-MCLeaks: We do not allow leaked/stolen Minecraft accounts. We enforce this by sending all connecting player's UUIDs to MCLeaksApi.
If you have any further questions regarding your privacy or if wish for your data to be deleted please contact us. E-mail:].