"Fastest Dragon kill" leaderboard

PrivateLimitless - 2022-02-25 22:45:02 UTC

(this is for Dragon Rush ("DR"), obviously, and it should be in the DR lobby when it is queued)
I think it would be cool to see the fastest (10) times people have for killing the Dragon in DR. This is a way to show player progression in the game to see if they are beating their personal best time, or not. It also would be a signifier of how well other players are doing at the game and give people time to want to strive to reach for when playing the game.

Ideally, I would think there would be a different leaderboard for each team size since obviously playing with more players means you win faster than you would with less, but if people would rather have one board that would have multiple people with the exact same time that works as well.

I was also going to suggest this for Wither Rush, but I think the normal lobby is a little small to put leaderboards in and not have it take up a lot of attention.

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