Toggling PvP at claims - SMP PvP Suggestion 1:

PrivateLimitless - 2022-09-04 18:04:24 UTC

This suggestion is to see if players would like to be able to toggle PvP at their claim in the 1.19 SMP (like the title says). This would allow melee, ranged, and potion PvP. Obviously, the toggle would start disabled when creating a claim.
There would also need to be an alert when you enter a PvP claim.
This could be used for:

Please look at all three suggestions before making additions to this suggestion page.

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KaiNoMood - 2023-03-19 10:56:38 UTC

This cannot be done for several reasons.

Changing the way PvP and iPvP is handled in the current 4 dimensions will certainly cause people getting killed even if they didn't want to.

Moreover, making this at the claim level... it's not easy at all, technically. It will definitely cause unintentional player deaths, and ending up losing all their stuff.

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