Separate Nether/End Dimensions (SMP)

Tigs - 2023-02-27 00:24:22 UTC

My suggestion is to have a separate Nether/End dimension in the main world and the mining world, allowing us to have one of each that is never reset. I brought the suggestion up in game chat a few days ago and every seemed for it, would allow us all to link our bases with nether tunnels and really bring the community together.
I believe this would make reset days much more enjoyable, currently it's just everyone bundling to the same end portals each time with little to no effort put in, with this change we would have to work together to locate the new mining world stronghold each reset, increasing the time it takes and making it more than just a "hop on for 5 minutes" to collect all the end loot. Ender eyes are also currently useless on the SMP and this would bring back a use for them.

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Princesspoop3rd - 2023-02-27 00:46:12 UTC

I LOVE this idea! Although, I'm aware it would be much more difficult for those who run the server, as they would have to maintain six total dimensions, instead of four. I would imagine that would cause more lag for us players, as well, so there are certain problems to get around, but as a player I really do love this idea.

Edit: Also, as Rob just pointed out, the claims system would complicate it further.

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Sonic_Phantom66 - 2023-02-27 07:50:12 UTC

I also love this idea, there definitely are downsides as rob and princess have mentioned but overall i think it will make resets more fun - another point is if we have to actually find the end portal its less likely that the those who show up at the reset will loot the entire end and leave nothing for those like me who are unable to come since its midnight my time XD and like tigs said we are then able to link up bases through the nether and make travel a whole lot easier

Sonic_Phantom66 - 2023-03-06 20:47:53 UTC

I thought id bring up this idea again since i know a lot of us like it and it was scrapped since we all thought the server was gone, anyway i really like the idea and although there are some downsides i think it would make the server better (if its possible)

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KaiNoMood - 2023-03-09 11:53:21 UTC

I understand the idea behind this, but there are several issues with it.

  1. Server resources. Every additional world will take additional RAM, which might prevent other games from starting during peak time, or increase server costs
  2. There are technical issues with the portals. For instance, using a nether portal from the overworld or the mining world would take you to the main world's nether. And since when you teleport to the nether there's some generation needed, I can't just make it so you are teleported to the nether instead, because it won't generate a portal, and you might end up stuck in a wall after teleportation.

Tigs - 2023-03-11 22:43:25 UTC

I believe most people don't take advantage of the current 2 week Nether resets as much as the End, you can still fly around today and constantly find unloaded chunks.
I'm not sure but would it be possible to have a system similar to your resetting abandoned areas in the overworld suggestion, but in the Nether? This could allow builds, farms and linking up portals to stay and still give fresh areas to those who want to mine for ancient debris.

KaiNoMood - 2023-03-19 11:08:56 UTC

Resetting just the nether regions wouldn't make the world seed change, so players would know where to find stuff after the region reset.

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