A few Titan perk ideas

Tigs - 2023-03-07 23:30:22 UTC

Just a few (hopefully) simple ideas I thought would be nice to have as extra Titan perks:

  1. Access to /nick and custom nicknames for in tab, chat and nametags above heads, this could include a "~" prefix similar to the bedrock players "-" to not get it confused with actual igns, also a /realname command to check who a nickname is (like the /nick system used in essentials)

  2. Extra coloured emotes for chat, like the current red "<3" emote everyone has, for example a wave using "o/" a lot of people use this as a greeting on the smp and would get a lot of use, just something a little extra for titans.

  3. Colour codes in anvils (could work in both uhc and the smp.) I played a survival server back in 2013 which had this as a donor perk, always thought it was a nice idea.

  4. Extra daily claim blocks (smp) I understand you get a lump sum of claim blocks upon getting titan, but a little extra on the 2000 daily would be very useful.

  5. One bonus suggestion that's unrelated to Titan perks, rank colours in tab on the smp

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Princesspoop3rd - 2023-03-08 00:46:39 UTC

Love all of these ideas!

Although, I thought I'd mention, in bedrock you don't need any mod for coloring text in anvils or signs. (Just use ยง with a number or letter after it to add a corresponding color.) Sadly, it does not work on this server even if you're on bedrock.

WishyNathan - 2023-03-08 01:39:49 UTC

Yes! We should have the option to do colored text in chat just for fun!

Sonic_Phantom66 - 2023-03-08 07:50:54 UTC

Yeah i also like these ideas!

KaiNoMood - 2023-03-08 09:47:40 UTC
  1. This might not be possible. Although having this in chat is easy and the only issue is moderating (mods would need to learn how to correctly handle nicked people), tab list and nametag are not easy to change. And it works differently between 1.8 and 1.19, so it's twice the work.

  2. Minecraft Java Edition provides a very limited set of emotes in their character set. This is the list, and how they look in Minecraft. Which one of these should represent "o/"?

  3. This can be done, although I have to make few changes to the Chat Filter

  4. Titan ranked players already get a lot of claim blocks (42000, that is over a 200x200 blocks square, or almost 1/4 of an entire Minecraft region). Increasing this amount is possible, but giving them a "little" extra 2000 is not easily achievable, and I could argue that 2000 blocks isn't a "little extra". 2000 claim blocks are all the claim blocks that member ranked players have.

  5. There are technical limitations that prevented me from doing this from the beginning, sadly.

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Tigs - 2023-03-08 12:45:55 UTC

From that list I think the happy face could work well in replace of the "o" in "o/" keeping the forward slash as the arm, you could also use those happy and sad faces for ":)" and ":("

(I tried using the emotes in my comment but it gives an error when trying to post a comment containing them)


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KaiNoMood - 2023-03-09 11:47:47 UTC

Please make a new suggestion just for the emotes one, so I can tell if people would like such change or not.

About no.1 on the list, would you be okay with chat only? At least for a while, until I find a way.

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ShereifAce - 2023-03-09 15:43:42 UTC

the /nick confuses me tbh, when people names are different than usernames

KaiNoMood - 2023-03-09 16:36:18 UTC

I would make it so hovering over the name tells you the real nickname.

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