Ore Vein Miner in Dragon Rush

Kangatato - 2023-06-02 21:29:01 UTC

I forget if I, or someone else, have made a suggestion about this, but I thought I would make one.
Dragon Rush is one of the few popular gamemodes on the server that doesn't contain the Ore Vein Miner scenario. I think it would be useful for everyone who plays the game to be able to mine ores quickly, so it would take less time to get levels to combine bows. It would also be useful for players like me who like playing longer games of Dragon Rush and need loads of levels to complete all of their enchanting needs.
If this is something that could be added without causing lag to the server, I think it would be a nice addition. Also, Dragon Rush Vanilla would/should be excluded from this suggestion because Ore Vein Miner isn't part of basic Minecraft.

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KaiNoMood - 2023-06-02 22:42:06 UTC

It's not about lag at all, it's just about the gameplay!

And yeah Dragon Rush Vanilla isn't getting any scenario definitely haha!

PrivateLimitless - 2023-06-04 22:42:47 UTC

I'm honestly not entirely sure how to feel about this.

For the majority of casual players who are trying to win the game with a power 3 [most of the time, if not 2 or even 1] it doesn't really seem necessary since there are other methods of gathering experience like killing blazes, endermen, and skeletons, for example.
For players who are trying to win the game fast, OVM would also help them enter The End significantly faster and give them an opportunity to get more powerful(haha, good pun) bows which would make the change pretty negative for casual players or players like Jenna who like to play longer games.

There are several positives though:

  • Enchanting via an enchantment table would be more viable since players actually have xp to use for it
  • It allows players of all strategies[^1] to have a better chance of killing the dragon when someone enters quickly [although I, personally, hate dragons being cleaned when below 30%... might have to just start being like other people and camping the stronghold portal... anyway!]
  • Overall less time spent mining
  • People are less likely to die due to not having any armor when fighting mobs

[^1]: *that are trying to beat the game in under a half-hour

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PrivateLimitless - 2023-06-04 22:43:26 UTC

I don't know how footnotes work smh

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