Hide And Seek Gamemode

Llamaaazzz - 2023-06-11 03:12:33 UTC

Ok I'm not the best at explaining stuff so bare with me and feel free to ask questions in the replies.

Essentially the game would have half the players be seekers, and half the players hiders. The hiders would get 60s to hide, and once the 60s is up, they will be given max slowness so they have to stay in their general hiding area. The seekers would be released after the 60 seconds with speed 3. The objective for the seekers is to tag all the hiders by hitting them. The objective for the hiders is to not be found until the game time is up. The 'game time' would be something like 5 minutes to find the hiders. All hiders must be found for the seekers to win. Name tags are turned off to avoid hiders being found easily.

Twists - These are just some ideas I had to add some twists to the game, but aren't necessarily essential for this gamemode to work.
Hiders will recieve fireworks to 'taunt' the seekers if they wish to. A perk for the hiders could be 5 seconds of invisibilty per game. They might have a potion that when right clicked, it activates invisiblity for 5 seconds. This would be to avoid being seen if a seeker is nearby. The twist though is that a message will pop up in chat whenever a hider uses their invisibility, so the seekers know to keep a look out for the hider. A perk for the seekers would be an option to turn on name tags for 5 seconds. Since everyone will be able to see the name tags, hiders will still be able to sneak to counter the name tag perk. Like the invisiblity, a message in chat will pop up when a seeker decides to use this perk to warn hiders. I feel as though the fact that every seeker gets to use this once makes it fair though.

As for maps, I was not quite sure what could work. I was thinking maybe the survival games maps just WITHOUT the chests. Not sure if it would be possible to even do this with the survival games maps, but it would be cool if they could be used.

Anyways that's all I really got for now

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KaiNoMood - 2023-06-12 18:13:58 UTC

Having good maps is the most difficult part of this new game mode suggestion. Which SG map do you think would fit the best?

Also, what does happen to hiders that have been found? Do they simply "lose" and spectate?

Maybe one of the seekers perk is the ability, once in a while, to see check if there are hiders nearby, simply telling them "there are hiders nearby" or "there are no hiders nearby".

Llamaaazzz - 2023-06-12 19:56:19 UTC

For maps, preferably not huge maps that would take forever to search. I do have a few suggestions for ones that may work:
Valleyside University
Enchanted Forest

As for what happens to seekers when they are found, I think they should be given the option to spectate both seekers and hiders.

Also I like your idea for the seeker perk alot better than the one I suggested, as I think it's more fair

KaiNoMood - 2023-06-12 19:59:27 UTC

Maps can be shrinked or the border made smaller

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