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iEllxi - 2023-08-08 01:41:37 UTC

This probably doesn't require a suggestion, I could easily do this over disc. But, the hide and seek map is pretty big for the amount of time you have to hide at the beginning of the round, and the time you have to seek - especially because it is possible for people to move around/run away if they're seen. It's a bit easier if you've played the game a few times and know the hiding spots, but if you're playing for the first few times it's quite overwhelming and difficult to find a spot to hide in time. This also can effect seekers.

I don't want to suggest minimising the map and making the outside area smaller/less dense (the forest) because it ruins the work that was put into the map, but I was thinking an extra minute or two could be useful to add to the game, obviously I don't want to make the game significantly easier or longer as it will ruin the fun, but I think even an extra 30 seconds just for the hiders at the beginning could be good. Idk might just be my indecisiveness and difficulty on deciding where to hide loll.

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Llamaaazzz - 2023-08-08 02:28:46 UTC

I've always thought 60 seconds was fast, and I can imagine how fast it must be for people who have never played the map before.

KaiNoMood - 2023-08-08 18:58:45 UTC

Players who are new to the map might not find a good spot to hide in the map even if we doubled the amount of time to hide. It just takes practice and skills to find better spots, we can't expect new players to find a very good spot from the very first games.

I believe 60 seconds are enough to get away from spawn and reach any part of the map. Increasing the amount it takes to hide will make it less fun for seekers at the beginning, as they have to wait a longer time without being able to "play" (because they're caged).

Still, if you guys feel like the game is more "fair" with 90 seconds hiding time, keep upvoting this suggestion and I will consider adjusting the time.

Also, it's important to not post such suggestions on Discord, but keep using this website so I can see how many are actually okay with such change.

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