TNT Style Gamemode

Llamaaazzz - 2023-10-25 02:57:58 UTC

Sorry, I wasn't quite exactly sure what to call this game mode so bear with me. Also, I would like to note I got this idea from a video, I will link that video at the end of the post to provide further context.

Players are spread throughout a maze. The maze consists of a bedrock floor and obsidian walls. The path of the maze is filled with blocks of different blast resistance. Players are given infinite tnt to explode the path through the maze to find other players and kill them by tagging them. The last player alive 'wins'. Nametags are not visible.

My additions:
In the video, it showed a relatively small map. To ensure the game doesn't go by quickly, I was thinking the map could be a little bit larger than the example video, and maybe even multiple layers or floors to the maze. I am totally up to building this map if necessary. Also to ensure the game doesn't go too long, after a certain point nametags will be turned back on so you can find everyone else easier.

I feel like this could be a fun game mode, and I will add comments if there's anything else I think of or forgot to include. Here is the video explaining the game mode since I am not great at explaining.

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KaiNoMood - 2023-10-25 03:21:47 UTC

From my very own experience, although I like mazes, I've found out most people hate mazes. But I wouldn't call the thing from the video a maze. Having pillars to obstruct the view is good enough.

I believe the "tag" shouldn't be as easy as just spam clicking. Maybe, other than killing people (our yourself) with TNT, there is another item that you can use to tag people, but if you miss it has a 3 seconds cooldown or so.

Llamaaazzz - 2023-10-25 22:38:38 UTC

I do like the idea of adding a cooldown to kill someone. And yes I guess that wouldn't be considered a maze I just didn't know what to call it😭Maybe just something basic like a sword with a longer cooldown could work.

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