Quadrant Paranoia

Evxn101 - 2024-02-05 17:23:28 UTC

On tab, it will display a colored name for which quadrant you are in.

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KaiNoMood - 2024-02-05 17:30:39 UTC

Name colours in the tab list cannot be easily altered due to how our system works for giving colours.

KaiNoMood - 2024-02-05 17:30:54 UTC

Also, what do you mean by "quadrant"?

Evxn101 - 2024-02-05 17:31:42 UTC

Pos Neg is a quadrant
Neg Pos is a quadrant
Neg Neg is a quadrant
Pos Pos is a quadrant

KaiNoMood - 2024-02-05 17:37:48 UTC

Let's not do the coloured name in the tab list. Can we do something else instead of the tab list?

Evxn101 - 2024-02-05 17:44:10 UTC

there any way to create a notification that'd be sent out if a player enters your quadrant, or when u enter a new quadrant it tells u what players are in it

KaiNoMood - 2024-02-05 17:45:34 UTC

Yeah, a simple chat message.

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