Having an Arena built for /arena world - SMP PvP Suggestion 2:

PrivateLimitless - 2022-09-04 18:04:26 UTC

This suggestion is to have a separate arena world designated for PvP in the 1.19 SMP. Players would spawn above/outside the Arena where PvP is Not Enabled and would be able to enter the Arena. This would allow melee, ranged, and potion PvP. This would be less stressful for players traveling through the SMP claims than Suggestion 1 since players could avoid being attacked by not going to the Arena world.

Please look at all three suggestions before making additions to this suggestion page.

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PrivateLimitless - 2022-10-29 17:11:41 UTC

Since nobody is really talking about suggestion 3 in the page for suggestion 3, which makes sense because suggestion 3 wouldn't really be necessary if suggestion 2 was made into a thing since /pay is already a thing, I wanted to come back to talking about the two things that were addressed in that page: a PvP with an arena and being able to toggle PvP in the overworld. The latter sounds a lot more convoluted and annoying than my first suggestion to just toggle PvP at a player's specific claim, but that's okay I guess...

As for the former, the PvP arena, I think it's a much better idea and would actually be used by players without having to worry about the numerous faults of toggling PvP. Also, I saw people talking about wanting keep inventory in the arena, which wouldn't make sense if fighting took place in the overworld, so people would be able to "worry less" (which isn't exactly what I would want, so I guess we can discourse about that) and desire to actually use the arena. Plus, if it's just the one arena world then people wouldn't have to worry about there being a field advantage for the players.
[Also, wearing an elytra would have to be disabled in the arena unless there are areas to fly to and a roof on the arena so people can't just leave.]

Who would build the arena? How big would it need to be?

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ShereifAce - 2022-10-29 17:30:28 UTC

I like the idea, and maybe like the main world
a spawn protection area in center where there is an arena built and can't be grieved (and maybe also inside it deaths just TP them to safe zone)
if people want random pvp with building blocks and so on they can walk outside the arena and fight

KaiNoMood - 2023-03-19 11:01:19 UTC

This would be like the UHC FFA-Arena map, but without UHC, with your items, and no elytras. If someone is up to making a good arena build, I can work on it. As long as it's a separate dimension, something can be done about PvP.

About the keep inventory, two arenas can be made where depending the one you go in, you will have keep inventory or not.

ShereifAce - 2023-03-19 19:07:30 UTC

Here are 2 arena options with a youtube guide and also a download link in the description

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